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Accompong's professionals are experienced in doing a variety of transportation designs.  These include providing both rural and urban setting designs to address congestion, access or capacity.  Our interchange design experience includes the study and design of:

Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI)
Urban and Rural Diamond Interchange
Partial Cloverleaf Interchange
Modern Cloverleaf Interchange
Trumpet Interchange
Direct and Semi-direct Interchange

Accompong Engineering Group's civil team is experienced in providing various services including plan preparation, stormwater accommodation, permitting, construction management and inspection
as well as project close-out activities.

Accompong Engineering Group offers context sensitive design solutions that bring lasting value to communities. Our professionals value direction from clients and welcome ideas while working towards a solution.

We listen...we ask questions...we develop consensus.....then we execute!

We ensure that clients' needs are satisfied as well as projects are advanced only with proper direction to save on time and budget.

At Accompong Engineering Group, we do much more than work for a living. We take pride in your assignments and work towards the development of projects that enhance communities.
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